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In the post-epidemic environment, the pursuit of comfort and high-quality life is the first choice of consumers, and practicality and durability have also become the key considerations; the 21/22 autumn and winter overall revolves around super soft and comfortable, high-gloss texture, micro-metallic texture, The major trends of extraordinary warm winter and wild monotone have been broken through and renewed to meet the needs of different consumer groups.

1. Super soft and comfortable

With consumers paying attention to comfort and skin-friendly materials, designers are paying more and more attention to matte-textured, flexible, volume-sensing materials and comfortable filling materials, using flexible volume-sensing materials to create a relaxed, fashionable and versatile bag; comfortable; The filling material satisfies the visual softness and the comfort of life.

DeMellier and Chloe use the softness and flexibility of the leather itself to create a casual drawstring effect. In the details, large hardware buckles are used to contrast with it, showing the rigidity and flexibility of women; Oryany borrows the one-piece portable design to show the softness of the leather , But the overall vision does not affect the fullness and wideness of the bag.

Comfortable filling
In the autumn and winter of 21/22, more attention was paid to the regional filling state. Bvlgari and Proenza Schouler used a simple single line to edit the line on the cover. AWAKEMODE and Coach showed the integration of filling, simple atmosphere and a kind of comfort. Fullness and cuteness; Chanel further expands the classic diamond pattern, and the overall feeling is more youthful.

2, high gloss texture
In the post-epidemic era, practical and versatile high-gloss texture materials will become the vane leading the new fashion; polished wrinkle tanning, bright glaze, and oil wax open-edge beads are all in gloss, texture, and texture. Shows a high-quality glossy texture.